Toysmith Neato! Bird Whistle


This unique bird whistle from Neato! for kids is shaped just like a tiny bird perched on a solid stand. The bird’s tail is merged into the blower tube. Simply add water and blow into the tube to make a lovely warbling sound. Each bird is intricately designed and measures 2.25 inches. Made of high-quality, durable, nontoxic plastic, the whistle is safe for kids to use and easy to clean. A colorful red display box can hold an assortment of individually packaged bird whistles.

• Age Grade: 5+ • Product Dimensions/Weight: 3.0 L x 1.0 W x 4.0 H / 0.03 lb • Inner Pack Dimensions/Weight: 12.4 L x 10.0 W x 7.0 H / 2.7 lb • Made In: China • Batteries not required