Made by Humans Designs

Made by Humans Deflated Balloon Decorative Fruit Bowl in Gold


We all need bowls. Women need fruit bowls for putting in their fruit. Men need fruit bowls for putting in keys and loose change. Families need fruit bowls for all of the above plus candy. But bowls are a dime a dozen and that’s just not good enough for you. You’re into cutting-edge, modern design that pushes envelopes. You’re looking for a bowl that’s totally different from any other fruit bowl known to humankind. An eye-catching conversation piece for the table or kitchen counter. Truth be told, what you want is a bowl that doesn’t even look like a bowl – yet somehow still is a bowl. Wow! Okay… But you know what? That’s actually not nearly as crazy as it sounds. Because, voila, there it is: The Deflated Balloon Bowl!


  • Designed by: Natasha Ho
  • Colors: Gold, White
  • Made from: Hi-gloss or electroplating ceramic
  • Measures: 13″ L x 8″ W x 2.75” H