Graziani Meloria Ball Candle in Light Blue/Celeste • 3 Sizes

Sizes - General: Small

The Meloria candles derive their name from one of the historical symbols of the Italian city of Livorno, the “Torre delle Meloria” (Tower of the Meloria).

The Meloria Ball Candle is a top-quality candle made using the lacquer technique, an artisan method that creates a polished finish that resembles glass. Cereria Graziani, the makers of the Meloria Candle, is one of the last manufacturers in Italy that still uses this technique. These Meloria Ball Candles are suitable for any setting, from casual gathering to formal events. Cluster them together in varying colors and sizes on a long tray, mixed with flowers as an interesting tablescape or add them to a console or bookshelf.

Small Candle:

  • 44 hour burn time

  • 100mm diameter (3.9”)

  • 10 cm height (3.9”)

  • Finish: extra shiny

Medium Candle:

  • 66 hour burn time

  • 120mm diameter (4.7”)

  • 12 cm height (4.7”)

  • Finish: extra shiny

Large Candle:

  • 100 hour burn time

  • 150mm diameter (5.9”)

  • 15 cm height (5.9”)

  • Finish: extra shiny