Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

Dick Taylor Black Fig Dark Craft Chocolate Bar


Our bestselling Black Fig dark chocolate is made using cocoa beans from Northern Madagascar in the Sambirano Valley. We handcraft our 72% Madagascar dark chocolate with these beans alongside organic cane sugar from Brazil to bring out the subtle fruity & floral notes in the cacao. We honor this incredible cacao by pairing it with beautifully rich and chewy, dried California black mission figs that have been generously sprinkled on the back of the chocolate.

By using some of the best cacao in the world, we are able to eliminate the use of fillers in our chocolate (like cocoa butter, soy lecithin or vanilla), which lets the true flavors of the cacao shine through. Using the finest cacao and traditional European techniques, all of our chocolate is carefully crafted from the bean in our small factory in Northern California.