Cloister Honey

Cloister Whipped Honey • Turmeric

Sizes - Cloister: 3oz
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It's almost too pretty to eat. The deep orange and golden yellow glow of turmeric pairs beautifully with our wildflower honey. Hailed globally for its many health benefits, turmeric is said to provide relief for many ailments from joint pain to digestive issues. The pungent flavor of this spice is softened by the thick and creamy texture of our whipped honey. No matter what you pair with this sweet spread, it adds an earthy yet vibrant appeal to any dish.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Smear over fresh bread or pita crackers

  • Stir in with sautéed vegetable, bean or rice dishes

  • Brush onto pan-seared chicken, cast-iron pork chop, or roasted lamb

Made in the United States

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