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Best Years Natural Rubber Bath Toy and Teether • Stegosaurus

Sizing guide

This toy is 3-in-one! It can be a bath toy, a teether, or a friend.

Why settle for plastic toys when our handmade natural rubber bath toys are so perfect for young babies. Textured, natural, and soft, it also makes a lovely chewy baby toy for when your baby is teething. This blue dinosaur toy is sure to be an instant hit with babies and young children alike.

These make ideal bath toys because there is no hole - therefore no risk of water getting inside and forming mold. An ideal gift for a young baby or a unique baby shower gift. Safe for newborns


  • Dimensions: 16cm x 7 cm

  • 100% natural rubber

  • Safe for newborns

  • Handmade in Sri Lanka

Please note, because the rubber we use is 100% natural, and we do not use stuffing or chemicals, they can change shape slightly if exposed to cold. This is perfectly safe and the original shape will be restored once the rubber warms up again.

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