Gibbs Smith

Little Monster, What Pan Dulce Do You Want? / ¿Monstruito, qué pan dulce quieres? • Board Book


Introduce your little ones to the importance of making big decisions, such as what pan dulce to eat next during?spooky season!?

Little monster, do you want a pan dulce? What about a beso? Maybe a cuerno or a niño envuelto?

Little Monster, What Pan Dulce Do You Want??/ ¿Monstruito, que pan dulce quieres? is a lighthearted board book with a fun twist on the monsters and pan dulce we love best during spooky season.?

Parents will appreciate this bilingual English-Spanish board book due to the celebration of Halloween and Día de los Muertos holidays, but also for the determinedness in making a simple decision and sticking to it.?